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Guide to Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Having the right cleaning supplies is essential for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment in your commercial space. The world of commercial cleaning supplies, from disinfectants to trash bags, can be overwhelming. Types of Commercial Cleaning Supplies Commercial cleaning supplies come in a wide variety of forms, each designed for specific tasks and surfaces. Some common commercial cleaning supplies include disinfectants, glass cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners and trash bags. It's important to have a well-rounded collection of cleaning supplies to ensure that every area of your commercial space is properly cleaned and maintained. Read More 

4 Ways Restaurant Buyout Wedding Receptions Eliminate Stress

Your wedding reception should be one of the best evenings of your life, but almost any married couple that had a ceremony will tell you they tend to involve a lot of stress leading up to the big day. However, you can make things much easier by going for a restaurant buyout wedding reception. This basically involves renting a restaurant for a whole evening to accommodate your guests and opting for one can significantly reduce the amount of pressure you feel during the planning stage. Read More 

Wood-Fired Pizza: Does It Taste Any Better?

A true foodie might argue that any restaurant serving pizza should have a dedicated pizza oven. While this is a valid point, for some it might not go far enough. After all, pizza chain restaurants have dedicated pizza ovens, and their loose interpretation of traditional Italian pizza could cause seismic activity in Italy as everyone simultaneously turns in their grave. A professional pizza oven is no guarantee of authenticity or delicious flavour, but what about those restaurants that offer wood-fired pizza? Read More 

Choosing A Restaurant For Your First Date

Restaurants are the perfect place to take your first date. Your choice of restaurant can significantly affect the outcome of your day. Read this excerpt for a few tips on how to pick a restaurant for your first date.  Location The restaurant must be conveniently located. Typically, it should be close to your date's home or workplace. It ensures that they have an easy time accessing the restaurant. Besides, it should have ample parking and security. Read More 

Three Delicious Side Dishes You Should Try From Your Local Chinese Restaurant

Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and not just with the Chinese diaspora. It has become a staple in western countries who appreciate the unique tastes, cooking styles and ingredients that are different from other varieties of takeaway. What many people ignore when ordering from their local Chinese restaurant is to consider the side dishes or entrees! There are many dishes that get forgotten about because they are not mains and that is a shame because often when people do try the sides, they end up liking them even more! Read More