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Five Tips for Ordering Low-Carb Meals at a Chinese Restaurant

Eating a low-carb meal at a Chinese restaurant is possible, but you have to pay close attention to what you order. Unfortunately, it's hard to get a no carb meal unless you go to a place that lets you freely substitute or hold all kinds of ingredients, and that can be impossible in many kitchens. However, these tips can help to keep the carbs off your plate. Skip the rice and noodles. Read More 

3 Situations In Which A Restaurant Is The Perfect Venue For A Wedding Reception

Choosing the perfect wedding reception venue is usually one of the first priorities for a couple when they are planning their wedding. An increasingly popular option for Australians is to have their reception at a restaurant. Many restaurants even have separate function areas which are perfect for a wedding reception. If this is something you're considering, then here are three times when a restaurant may be perfect for your wedding reception. Read More 

Vegan Eating at a Steakhouse? Five Tips to Fill Yourself Up

You're a vegan, but you've made plans to go a steakhouse with some of your meat loving friends. While the slabs of delicious steak may be just what they are craving, they won't work for you. Luckily, however, there are a variety of things you can eat at a steakhouse. Use these tips to guide you: 1. Skip the creamy dressing and croutons. If your party is starting with a salad, order yours carefully. Read More 

Tips for Choosing the Best Fine Dining Restaurants When Traveling

When you're traveling and want to enjoy the best food in the area, you'll need to visit something more than a family restaurant; you'll want to look for a fine dining establishment, such as Restaurant 26. This means you'll likely get the best food in a relaxing atmosphere with a good choice of wine and even a nice view! But how do you find a fine dining establishment when you're traveling and aren't familiar with the local choices? Read More 

3 Types of Business Insurance Restaurants Should Have

If you are about to open the doors of a new restaurant, one of the last things you must consider is business insurance. And while you may have obtained general liability insurance to protect you in the event that a customer injures himself while at your premises, or becomes ill due to food your cooks made, there are other equally important insurance policies you should get. Here's a rundown of what is needed to ensure that your restaurant is fully protected. Read More